Article updated on December 02, 2006

Creating tranparent bars in microsoft excel 2003 make your charts look more professional. There is a little trick to make your barchart tranparent in Excel 2003. Its not just formatting the bars, that would be easy.1. Create a box by pressing rectangle icon on the "drawing" toolbar" and draw a box.
2. Format the rectangle by right clicking on the box and select "Format Autoshape..."
3. Select transparency in the "Fill" window under the "Colors and lines" tab.
3. Make sure "No line" is selected in "color" box.
4. Make sure the box is selected and go to the edit menu and select "copy"
5. Select the bar, one bye one, in the chart.
6. Pess Ctrl + V or go to the "edit" menu and press "paste".

What about Excel 2007?
A lot easier.

1. Create the bar chart
2. Right click on one of the bars.
3. Select "Format data series..."
4. Select Fill and solid fill.
5. Change transparency.

Press ok!