Article updated on January 09, 2007

How to start "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard":

  1. Press start button on your desktop.
  2. All programs.. or programs...
  3. Go to "Accessories"
  4. Go to "System Tools"
  5. Press "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard".

    files and transfer wizard
  6. Press Next.
  7. Select "Old Computer"
  8. Press Next!

  9. Select "Other", for example, a removable drive or network drive. See picture below.
  10. Browse to a folder where you want to save your backup files.
  11. Press Next.
  12. Select both files and settings.
  13. Enable "Let me select a custom list of files and settings when i click Next (for advanced users)".

  14. Remove everything from the list except "Outlook Express"
  15. Press Next
  16. Press Finish!