Article updated on August 01, 2007

How to share your windows media center recorded tv folder on your home network.

Windows media center Computer

  1. Find "Recorded tv" folder
  2. Right click on "Recorded tv" and select properties.
  3. Select the "Sharing" tab.

  4. Select share this folder.
  5. Left click on "Permissions".

  6. Check that "Everyone" is in the "Group or username" box.
  7. Press OK!

Windows xp required drivers to play dvr-ms media files
Make sure you have installed windows xp service pack 2 and a direct show DVD decoder engine like Powerdvd. That is required to play Windows media center dvr-ms files on a windows xp computer.

Windows xp hardware requirements:
CPU 1Ghz or higher
A Video Card with 32Mb onboard video ram

What wireless network speed is required to play dvr-ms files?

At least 50 Mbit/s. High definition media requires greater bandwidth.