Article updated on August 18, 2007

Instructions on how to customize taskbar and startmenu:

  1. Right click with mouse button on start button
  2. Select "Properties"

Tab "Start menu"


Choose between Classic and normal Start menu. Choose classic start menu to use the style from earlier versions of windows.



Tab "Taskbar"


Lock the taskbar - No taskbar customization is allowed.

Auto-hide the taskbar - Optimize space for other programs.

Keep the taskbar on top of other windows - Easy access to taskbar if many windows are opened.

Group similar task buttons - If eleven Internet Explorer windows are opened, the taskbar can not show all windows. This feature groups all Internet Explorer taskbar buttons.

Show quick launch - Gather your most used programs on the quick launch to speed up program launches.


Show the clock

Hide inactive icons: Only active icons in notification area.


Customize Notifications: Customize each icon. hide when inactive, always hide or always show.



Customize start menu - "General" tab


Select an icon size for programs

The start menu contains shortcuts you use the most often. Clearing this list of shortcuts does not delete the programs.

Number of programs on start menu

Show on start menu.


Customize start menu - "Advanced" tab

Control Panel: Display as a link, a menu or don