Article updated on March 18, 2009

This works for windows 2000, windows xp and windows vista.

If you ever have experienced a blue screen, but never really got into the problem. This is how you would troubleshoot.

When ever a blue screen occurs, a crash dump file is created.

  1. Download and install Windows Debugging Tools (WinDbg) from microsoft.
  2. Start WinDbg.
  3. Go to menu File
  4. Select Symbol File Path
  5. Type SRV*C:\tempfolder*
    (without blanks)
    (tempfolder is an example, use whatever folder you want)
  6. Go to File
  7. Select Open Crash Dump
  8. Look for a folder Minidump in the windows folder.
  9. In Minidump folder you will find files to analyze.
  10. First you get a preliminary report.
  11. To get the full report, type !analyze -V

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