Article updated on September 04, 2007


  1. Start Windows Explorer
  2. Go to c:/windows/inf

    How to see hidden files and folders in windows explorer,
    read the second part of the article

  3. Create a backup copy of sysoc.inf
  4. Open sysoc.inf

    (Right click with mouse on sysoc.inf and select "Open With...". Select Notepad or Wordpad.)

  5. Find a line containing "msmsgs", delete only the word hide at the end of this line. No the commas.
  6. Save the file sysoc.inf.
  7. Open "Control Panel"
  8. Open "Ad or Remove Programs"
  9. Click "Add/Remove Windows components"
  10. Uncheck "Windows Messenger"
  11. Press "Next" to complete the wizard