Article updated on September 25, 2007

To sort programs in start menu aphabetically, right click on any folder in programs menu and select "Sort".

But if new programs are installed they show up at the bottom of "All programs" in start menu.

Make sure you backup your registry before editing!

To automatically sort programs alphabetically:

  1. Press start button
  2. Click "Run..."
  3. Type "regedit", press enter
  4. Find key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder"

    This contains the sort order of favourites menu and start menu

    Delete the subkey "Start Menu2" to restore the All Programs menu in alphabetical order

    To restore the , Delete the subkey Favorites, to automatically sort Favorites menu in both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer alphabetically.

    To sort all menu's alphabetically, remove "MenuOrder"

  5. To delete a subkey, right click on the subkey in the left pane and select delete