Article updated on October 08, 2007

If you have a home network and several computers need to use "Remote assistance" behind the router and firewall. To make this work, you have to configure the router to send certain portnumbers to certain ip:s behind the router. Remote assistance uses port 3389 and only one computer behind the router and firewall can use this port. The other computers needs to be reconfigured, with individual ports.

Instructions on how to change port:

  1. Press "Start" button
  2. Click "Run..."
  3. Type "regedit"
  4. Find the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Terminal Server \ WinStations \ RDP-Tcp
  5. Find value "Portnumber"
  6. Change value to desired port
  7. Reconfigure router to send port to the actual computers ip-adress.

To use "Remote assistance":

  1. Start "Remote assistance"
  2. Type "ip-adress:newportnumber"