Article updated on November 19, 2009

Question: How to reverse a list of data (column A)  from top to bottom?

Answer: Copy =INDEX(INDIRECT("A1:A"&COUNT(A:A)),COUNTA(A:A)-ROW()+1,1) to D1:D20. Look at row D and see the result.

Download excel sample file for this tutorial.

(Excel 97-2003 Workbook *.xls)


Question: How do I invert a list of values? For example, in one cell I have the value 2. If I invert that cell I get 0.5. See a list of values on picture below.



  1. Create a new list (C1:C9) with the cell value of 1 in ever cell. Make the list as big as the other list (A1:A9).invert-values-1
  2. Copy the first list A1:A9
  3. Select C1:C9
  4. Right click on selection and click "Paste Special..."
  5. Click "Values" and "Divide" and then OK button! invert-values-2
  6. Your list is now inverted!invert-values-3


Functions in this article:

returns a value or reference of the cell at the intersection of a particular row and column, in a given range

Returns the reference specified by a text string

Counts the number of cells in a range that are not empty

returns the row number of a reference