Article updated on February 02, 2008

This is how i created an autostarting dvd. I created a dvd filled with mp3 files and a playlist. When I insert the dvd, winamp automatically starts and loads the playlist.


Create playlist

  1. Create a folder and subfolders with mp3:s on your harddrive
  2. Start winamp and click "playlist" (PL) button
  3. Click "Manage Playlists" button
  4. Click New playlist
  5. Click "Add" button
  6. Click "Add folder"
  7. Select root folder of your mp3:s
  8. Click "Manage Playlists" button
  9. Click "Save playlist" and save the file in the root folder of your mp3:s (remember filename)

Edit playlist

  1. Open Playlist.m3u with notepad/wordpad
  2. Click "edit" in the menu and then click "Replace"
  3. Type c:\ or whatever hard drive letter you are using, in "Find what:" window.
  4. Type nothing in "Replace with:" window
  5. Click Replace all.
  6. Save playlist file
  7. Exit notepad/wordpad

Create Autorun.inf

  1. Create a text file in mp3 root folder
  2. Rename the textfile to "autorun.inf"
  3. Open autorun.inf with notepad/wordpad
  4. Type[autorun]
  5. Click Save

Burn cd/dvd
Burn your mp3 folder and subfolders with your favourite burning software. Remember to place autorun.inf and playlist-filename.m3u in cd/dvd root folder

How to enable cd/dvd autostart