Article updated on July 12, 2011

This week Google Docs introduced Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets. I am not that familiar to google spreadsheets but I had to try the new pivot table feature. I added some random data to a spreadsheet. I also created a new column Month to group values into months.

Formula in cell B2:


I then created the pivot table.

Added values

Pivot table

Months are sorted from A to Z. Adding a number in front of each month solves this issue.

Formula in cell B2:

=MONTH(A2)&" - "&Text(A2,"MMMM")

I changed a value in the table and the pivot table refreshes instantly. Great!

I added a new record but nothing happened to the pivot table. I googled dynamic named ranges and they seem impossible to create in Google spreadsheets right now.

Google docs have created a great new feature in Google Spreadsheets!