Customize internet explorer appearance
Change window header title
Change icons on links field

Great tip for people with limited internet connection
Download webpages for offline viewing

How to save usernames and passwords on forms in Internet Explorer

Great tip for a good look att your favourite sites, right at internet explorer start
Multiple startpages

Find websites easier in favourites folder
Sort website favourites

Navigate faster
Fastest way to open a website

Create website thumbnails

Smart way to open several favourite site in a folder fast
Open multiple websites with one click

Speed up internet explorer navigation with shortcuts
Smart and fast webnavigation

Customize webpage header and footer before print
Print webpage and add information to footer or header

Good feature to save you time and money when printing online articles.
Prevent background colors and images to print

Autocomplete function speeds up your writing in Internet Explorer address bar
How to turn off AutoComplete function in Internet Explorer

Save harddrive storage and clean your internet trails automatically
How to automatically delete temporary internet files in Internet Explorer 6 browser

Customize and optimize internet explorer cache
Configure internet explorer cache

Timesaving tips
Work smarter with the Internet Explorer address bar

Index.dat explained
How to remove index.dat file in your temporary internet folder

How to change default font
Change font