Windows media center

Smart way to start your computer
How to start your computer with mouse or keyboard

Put Windows media center to sleep automatically. Wakes up before a recording and goes to sleep after a recording.
When and how to use hibernate and standby mode

Configure media center 2005 to start up immediately after windows start
Start Windows media center 2005 automatically at boot

Start Windows media center without login.
How to configure windows media center autologon

Customize windows media player behavior
How to configure windows media player on top of other windows

Media files
Convert big dvr-ms files to smaller files.
Convert your windows media center files to save storage

How to delete your windows media player library
Where does Windows media player save the library information?

Add music and media files to your windows media player library
How to search for music on your computer in windows media player

Rate your music to create favourite music playlists
How to rate music in windows media player

Learn how to edit your Windows media player library
How to correct album artist in windows media player library

No need to convert audio files before burning music cd:s
How to burn wma or mp3 to a cd in windows media player

Save important information before reinstalling windows media center
Backup series and settings data

Good to know what dvd decoder you are using if you need to troubleshoot
Identify your windows dvd decoder

Install latest updates
Update windows media center 2005

Increase ac3 sound volume
Problem with low volume while playing a divx/xvid clip/movie with ac3 sound

Using spdif can cause problem changing sound levels
How to adjust sound volume when using spdif
Fix Low Volume output through spdif

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