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Function Categories
Compatibility Financial Math and trigonometry
Database Information Statistical
Date and Time Logical Text
Engineering Lookup and reference Web
BETADIST functionCOVAR functionGAMMADIST function
BETAINV functionCRITBINOM functionLOGNORMDIST function
BINOMDIST functionEXPONDIST functionMODE function
CHIDIST functionFDIST functionPERCENTRANK function
CHIINV functionFLOOR functionQUARTILE function
CHITEST functionFORECAST functionRANK function
CONFIDENCE functionFTEST functionSTDEV function

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DAVERAGE functionDMAX functionDSTDEVP function
DCOUNT functionDMIN functionDSUM function
DCOUNTA functionDPRODUCT functionDVARP function
DGET functionDSTDEV function

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Date and time
DATE functionMINUTE functionTODAY function
DATEDIF functionMONTH functionWEEKDAY function
DATEVALUE functionNETWORKDAYS functionWEEKNUM function
DAY functionNETWORKDAYS.INTL functionWORKDAY function
DAYS functionNOW functionYEAR function
EDATE functionSECOND functionYEARFRAC function
EOMONTH functionTIME function
HOUR functionTIMEVALUE function

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BIN2DEC functionBITOR functionDEC2BIN function
BIN2HEX functionBITRSHIFT functionDEC2HEX function
BIN2OCT functionBITXOR functionDEC2OCT function
BITAND functionCOMPLEX functionDELTA function
BITLSHIFT functionCONVERT function

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ACCRINT functionDOLLARFR functionPPMT function
ACCRINTM functionEFFECT functionPRICEMAT function
AMORDEGRC functionFV functionRATE function
AMORLINC functionIPMT functionSYD function
CUMIPMT functionISPMT functionTBILLPRICE function
CUMPRINC functionNOMINAL functionTBILLYIELD function
DB functionPDURATION functionVDB function
DDB functionPMT functionYIELD function

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CELL functionISLOGICAL functionN function
ERROR.TYPE functionISNA functionNA function
INFO functionISNONTEXT functionSHEET function
ISBLANK functionISNUMBER functionSHEETS function
ISERR functionISODD functionTYPE function
ISERROR functionISREF function
ISFORMULA functionISTEXT function

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AND functionIFNA functionSWITCH function
FALSE functionIFS functionTRUE function
IF functionNOT functionXOR function
IFERROR functionOR function

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Lookup and reference
ADDRESS functionHLOOKUP functionOFFSET function
AREAS functionHYPERLINK functionROW function
CHOOSE functionINDEX functionROWS function
COLUMN functionINDIRECT functionTRANSPOSE function
COLUMNS functionLOOKUP functionVLOOKUP function
FORMULATEXT functionMATCH function

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Math and trigonometry
ABS functionEVEN functionRAND function
ACOS functionEXP functionRANDBETWEEN function
ACOSH functionFACT functionSEC function
ACOT functionFACTDOUBLE functionSECH function
ACOTH functionFLOOR.MATH functionSERIESSUM function
AGGREGATE functionFLOOR.PRECISE functionSIGN function
ASIN functionGCD functionSIN function
ASINH functionINT functionSINH function
ATAN functionLCM functionSQRT function
ATAN2 functionLN functionSUM function
ATANH functionLOG functionSUMIF function
BASE functionLOG10 functionSUMIFS function
CEILING functionMINVERSE functionSUMPRODUCT function
COMBIN functionMMULT functionSUMSQ function
COMBINA functionMOD functionSUMX2MY2 function
COS functionMROUND functionSUMX2PY2 function
COSH functionMULTINOMIAL functionSUMXMY2 function
COT functionMUNIT functionTAN function
COTH functionPI functionTANH function
CSC functionPOWER functionTRUNC function
DECIMAL functionPRODUCT functionSUBTOTAL function
DEGREES functionRADIANS functionQUOTIENT function

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AVEDEV functionEXPON.DIST functionNORM.INV function
AVERAGE functionF.DIST functionPERCENTRANK.EXC function
AVERAGEA functionF.DIST.RT functionPERCENTRANK.INC function
AVERAGEIF functionF.TEST functionPERMUT function
BETA.DIST functionFREQUENCY functionPHI function
BETA.INV functionGAMMA functionPROB function
BINOM.DIST functionGAMMA.DIST functionQUARTILE.EXC function
BINOM.INV functionGEOMEAN functionQUARTILE.INC function
CHISQ.DIST functionGROWTH functionRANK.AVG function
CHISQ.DIST.RT functionINTERCEPT functionRANK.EQ function
CHISQ.INV functionLARGE functionSKEW function
CHISQ.INV.RT functionLINEST functionSLOPE function
CHISQ.TEST functionLOGEST functionSMALL function
CONFIDENCE.T functionMAX functionSTDEV.P function
CORREL functionMAXIFS functionSTDEV.S function
COUNT functionMEDIAN functionSTDEVA function
COUNTA functionMIN functionSTDEVPA function
COUNTBLANK functionMINA functionTREND function
COUNTIF functionMINIFS functionTRIMMEAN function
COUNTIFS functionMODE.MULT functionVAR.P function
COVARIANCE.P functionMODE.SNGL functionVAR.S function
COVARIANCE.S functionNORM.DIST function

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ASC functionLEFT functionTEXT function
CHAR functionLEN functionTEXTJOIN function
CLEAN functionLOWER functionTRIM function
CODE functionMID functionUNICHAR function
CONCAT functionREPT functionUNICODE function
CONCATENATE functionRIGHT functionUPPER function
EXACT functionSEARCH functionVALUE function
FIND functionSUBSTITUTE function
FIXED functionT function

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