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Extract k-th word in cell value

The formula displayed above in cell range D3:D9 extracts a word based its position in a cell value. For example, […]

How to extract numbers from a cell value

The following array formula, demonstrated in cell C3, extracts all numbers from a cell value: =TEXTJOIN(, 1, TEXT(MID(B3, ROW($A$1:INDEX($A$1:$A$1000, LEN(B3))), […]

Extract last word in cell

The formula demonstrated above in cell range C3:C9 extracts the last word from adjacent cell in column B. =TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(B3, " […]

Extract first word in cell

The formula in cell C3 grabs the first word in B3 using a blank as the delimiting character. =LEFT(B3,SEARCH(" ",B3)-1) […]

LEFT function for numbers

The LEFT function allows you to extract a string from a cell with a specific number of characters, however, if […]

How to create name initials

The array formula in cell C3 extracts the first character from first, middle and last name. The formula works fine […]

Extract numbers from a column

Question: I want to extract all numeric values into a new column? If you have both letters and digits in […]