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Date Article
May.13, 2019Extract text between words [UDF]
May.01, 2019How to use the XNPV function
Apr.15, 2019How to use the RRI function
Apr.04, 2019How to use the SET statement
Mar.29, 2019How to do tiered calculations in one formula
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Mar.13, 2019How to use the ROUNDUP function
Feb.19, 2019How to add lines between stacked columns/bars [Excel charts]
Feb.08, 2019How to sum a cell range
Jan.30, 2019How to ignore error values using the SMALL function
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Jan.21, 2019How to use the DDB function
Jan.10, 2019Highlight unique distinct records
Jan.08, 2019How to use the AMORLINC function
Dec.17, 2018How to use the AMORDEGRC function
Dec.13, 2018How to use the YIELD function
Dec.12, 2018How to use the SYD function
Dec.11, 2018How to use the TBILLEQ function
Dec.10, 2018How to use the TBILLPRICE function
Dec.07, 2018How to use the TBILLYIELD function
Dec.04, 2018How to use the UNICODE function
Dec.03, 2018How to use the UNICHAR function
Nov.28, 2018How to use the PERCENTRANK.EXC function
Nov.26, 2018How to use the PERCENTRANK.INC function
Nov.16, 2018Sum unique distinct numbers
Nov.16, 2018How to use the PERCENTRANK function
Nov.15, 2018Highlight current date
Nov.15, 2018How to use the EVALUATE method
Nov.14, 2018INDEX MATCH – Last value
Nov.14, 2018How to highlight dates based on day of week
Nov.14, 2018How to create a combined stacked area and a clustered column chart
Nov.13, 2018How to use the QUARTILE.EXC function
Nov.13, 2018How to use the QUARTILE function
Nov.13, 2018Highlight unique/duplicates [Conditional formatting]
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Nov.09, 2018How to build an arrow chart
Nov.07, 2018How to highlight weekends [Conditional Formatting]
Nov.07, 2018How to use the LOGNORM.DIST function
Nov.06, 2018How to use the GOTO statement [VBA]
Nov.06, 2018How to count blank cells
Nov.05, 2018How to use the LOGNORMDIST function
Nov.05, 2018Highlight cells equal to
Nov.05, 2018Use slicers to quickly filter chart data
Nov.02, 2018How to use the LOG10 function