I have built a sheet to track time at work. It is very simple, there are 13 sheets, one for each month and a summary sheet.

The above picture shows you January 2017, simply enter the project name in column A and the hours in cell range B5:AF32. Row 4 contains dates for January, row 3 the weekdays and row 2 the week numbers. Saturday and Sundays are colored grey.

The Summary sheet, see picture below, contains all projects entered in all month sheets and a total, both for the month and project. A quite large array formula extracts all project names in column B, you don't need to do that manually.

A simple SUMIF function sums the values from each monthly sheet, excel takes care of that too. There is no vba in this workbook, you can find the download link below.

If you change the year on sheet "Summary" you will notice that the monthly sheets change accordingly, you don't need to change weekdays, week number or color weekends on each sheet, excel will do it for you.

Any suggestions for improvement?

Download excel *.xlsx file

Work time tracker.xlsx