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How to copy every n-th row from a list

This article demonstrates a formula and a VBA macro that returns every n-th row from a given cell range. The […]

Create number series

Excel has a great built-in tool for creating number series named Autofill. The tool is great, however, in some situations, […]

If cell contains text from list

This article demonstrates several ways to check if a cell contains a value based on a list. The first example […]

How to use the SIN function

The SIN function calculates the sine of an angle. Formula in cell C3: =SIN(B3) Excel Function Syntax SIN(number) Arguments number […]

How to solve simultaneous linear equations in Excel

This article demonstrates how to solve simultaneous linear equations using formulas and Solver. The variables have the same value in […]

Working with TEXT BOXES [Form Controls]

There are two different kinds of text boxes, Form controls and ActiveX Controls. Form controls can only be used on […]

Wildcard lookups and include or exclude criteria

This article demonstrates three different ways to filter a data set if a value contains a specific string and if […]

Show / hide a picture using a button

This article explains how to hide a specific image in Excel using a shape as a button. If the user […]

Lookup with any number of criteria

This article demonstrates a formula that allows you to search a data set using any number of conditions, however, one […]

Hide specific worksheets programmatically

This article demonstrates techniques to hide and unhide worksheets programmatically. The image above shows the Excel window and the worksheet […]

5 easy ways to extract Unique Distinct Values

First, let me explain the difference between unique values and unique distinct values, it is important you know the difference […]

Extract all rows from a range that meet criteria in one column

Lookup with criteria and return records.

Click a cell to make a column hidden or visible [VBA]

What's on this page Click a specific cell to hide/show entire column Where to put the event code Download Excel […]

5 easy ways to VLOOKUP and return multiple values

This post explains how to lookup a value and return multiple values. No array formula required.

How to use the Scroll Bar

This article demonstrates how to insert and use a scroll bar (Form Control) in Excel. It allows the user to […]

Count Conditionally Formatted cells

This article explains how to count cells highlighted with Conditional Formatting (CF). The image above shows data in cell range […]

Count cells based on background color

This article demonstrates techniques on how to count cells based on the background color. I will also demonstrate user defined […]

Min and max date of overlapping date ranges

This article explains how to create a formula that returns the earliest (smallest) and the latest (largest) date of overlapping […]

How to select and delete blank cells

This article demonstrates how to select all blank cells in a given cell range and how to delete them. It […]

How to perform a two-dimensional lookup

Question: How would I go about looking up data in a cross-reference table. I have the header row (i.e. 24) […]

Prevent duplicate records in a worksheet

This article demonstrates how to set up Data Validation in order to control what the Excel user is allowed to […]

Color columns in chart based on cell color

This article demonstrates macros that automatically changes the chart bar colors based on the corresponding cell, the first example is […]

How to do tiered calculations in one formula

The image above demonstrates a formula that calculates tiered values based on a tier table and returns a total. This […]

Count unique distinct values by cell color

This article demonstrates a User Defined Function (UDF) that counts unique distinct cell values based on a given cell color. […]

Pivot Table calendar

This article demonstrates how to build a calendar in Excel. The calendar is created as a Pivot Table which makes […]

Highlight date ranges overlapping selected record [VBA]

This article demonstrates event code combined with Conditional Formatting that highlights overlapping date ranges based on the selected date range. […]

Practice basic arithmetic calculations in Excel

This article demonstrates a workbook that allows children to practice basic mathematics or more specifically arithmetic calculations. The image above […]

Which Excel files in folder are password protected?

This article explains how to check if Excel files in a given folder are password protected. The image above shows […]

Count text string in all formulas in a worksheet [VBA]

I will in this article demonstrate a macro that counts how many times a specific text string is found in […]

Easily select data using hyperlinks

The image above shows two hyperlinks, the first hyperlink lets you select a data set automatically based on a dynamic […]

Navigate to first empty cell using a hyperlink formula

This article will demonstrate how to create a hyperlink that takes you to the first empty cell below data in […]

How to use the IFERROR function

The IFERROR function lets you catch most errors in Excel formulas. It was introduced in Excel 2007. In previous Excel […]

How to use the CELL function

The CELL function gets information about the formatting, location, or the contents of a cell. The formula example above in […]

Create a hyperlink linked to the result of a two-dimensional lookup

The image above shows a formula in cell C2 that searches for a value based on two conditions specified in […]

How to generate random numbers and text

What's on this page Random numbers with a decimal Random negative numbers with two decimals Random negative numbers with three […]

Compare data in an Excel chart using drop down lists

I will in this article demonstrate how to set up two drop down lists linked to an Excel chart, the […]

Locate a shape in a workbook

This article demonstrates how to locate a shape in Excel programmatically based on the value stored in the shape. The […]

Hover with mouse cursor to change stock in a candlestick chart

This article demonstrates how to change chart series while hovering with mouse cursor over a series name. The image above […]

Find all sequences of consecutive dates

The image above shows a formula in cell D3 that extract dates from column B. Column B contains dates in […]

How to use the FREQUENCY function

Returns how many times values exist in a given range. Note, this function returns an array of values.

Highlight a data series in a line chart

This article demonstrates how to highlight a line in a chart based on the selected item in a drop-down list. […]

Heat map using pictures

I made a heat map calendar a few months ago and it inspired me to write this article. The heat […]

How to use the SUMPRODUCT function

The SUMPRODUCT function calculates the product of corresponding values and then returns the sum of each multiplication.

How to build an interactive map in Excel

This article describes how to create a map in Excel, the map is an x y scatter chart with an […]

How to use the SEARCH function

Returns a number representing the position a substring is, if found in a textstring. FIND is case sensitive and SEARCH is not.

Yet another Excel Calendar

What's on this page How to use this Excel Calendar How to add events How I built this calendar Worksheet […]

How to use the MMULT function

The MMULT function calculates the matrix product of two arrays, an array as the same number of rows as array1 and […]

How to use the SMALL function

The SMALL function lets you extract a number in a cell range based on how small it is compared to the other numbers in the group.

Working with FILES

What's on this page Copy a file Copy and rename a file Rename a file List files in a folder […]

Assign records unique random text strings

This article demonstrates a formula that distributes given text strings randomly across records in any given day meaning they may […]

How to use the ROW function

The ROW function calculates the row number of a cell reference. Excel Function Syntax ROW(reference) Arguments reference Optional. A reference […]

Highlight duplicates in a filtered Excel Table

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula applied to an Excel Table containing random data. The Excel Table has […]

How to use the COUNTIFS function

Checks multiple conditions against the same number of cell ranges and counts how many times all criteria are met.

How to use the IF function

Checks if a logical expression is met. Returns a specific value if TRUE and another specific value if FALSE.

How to use the COUNTIF function

Counts the number of cells that meet a specific condition.

Units contained in a range that overlap another range

This article demonstrates how to calculate overlapping numerical ranges. What is interesting to know is the fact that Excel handles […]

How to calculate overlapping time ranges

I found an old post that I think is interesting to write about today. Think of two overlapping ranges, it may be dates, […]

How to use the MATCH function

Identify the position of a value in an array.

How to use the INDEX function

Gets a value in a specific cell range based on a row and column number.

How to change a picture in a worksheet dynamically [VBA]

Rahul asks: I want to know how to create a vlookup sheet, and when we enter a name in a […]

Custom data labels in a chart

You can easily change data labels in a chart. Select a single data label and enter a reference to a […]

Substitute multiple text strings [UDF]

The SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE functions can only handle one string,  the following User-Defined Function (UDF) allows you to substitute multiple […]

Count multiple text strings in a cell range

This article demonstrates an array formula that counts how many times multiple text strings exist in a cell range.  The […]

Move a shape [VBA]

This article demonstrates how to move a shape, a black arrow in this case, however, you can use whatever shape […]

Create new worksheets programmatically based on values in a cell range [VBA]

This article demonstrates a macro that inserts new worksheets based on names in a cell range. The cell range may […]

How to sort a data set using three different approaches, built-in tools, array formulas, and VBA

I will in this article demonstrate three different techniques to sort a data set in Excel. The first method sorts […]

Convert array formula to a regular formula

This article explains how to avoid array formulas if needed. It won't work with all array formulas, however, smaller ones […]

Highlight group of values in an x y scatter chart programmatically

I will in this article demonstrate how to highlight a group of values plotted in an x y scatter chart […]

Highlight a column in a stacked column chart

I discovered this chart from Google Public policy blog and it got me thinking if I could do the same […]

Highlight events in a yearly calendar

This article demonstrates how to highlight given date ranges in a yearly calendar, this calendar allows you to change the […]

Search for a file in folder and subfolders [UDF]

The image above demonstrates a user-defined function in cell range B6:D7 that allows you to search a folder and subfolders […]

AVERAGE ignore NA()

#N/A error is sometimes used to show gaps in charts, however, the AVERAGE function can't process errors, shown in C11 […]

Highlight a bar in a chart

This article demonstrates how to highlight a bar in a chart, it allows you to quickly bring attention to a […]

Dynamic scoreboard

This article demonstrates a scoreboard, displayed to the left, that sorts contestants based on total scores and refreshes instantly each […]

Repeat values across cells

This article explains how to repeat specific values based on a table, the table contains the items to be repeated […]

Filter duplicate words from a cell range [UDF]

AJ Serrano asks: I have a column where each rows contains different values and I wanted to obtain the duplicate […]

Group rows based on a condition

This article explains how to merge values row by row based on a condition in column A using an array […]

Merge two relational data sets

This article demonstrates how to merge two relational data sets before creating a Pivot table. A Pivot Table is limited […]

Lookup multiple values in one cell [UDF]

This article explains how to perform multiple lookups based on values in one cell with a delimiting character using a […]

How to calculate totals of stock transactions based on dates

Did you know that you can use a pivot table to summarize portfolio holdings at any point in time? If you trade […]

Run a Macro from a Drop Down list [VBA]

This article demonstrates how to execute a VBA macro using a Drop Down list. The Drop Down list contains two […]

How to change cell formatting using a Drop Down list

This article demonstrates how to apply different cell formatting to a cell range based on a Drop Down list, column […]

Prevent overlapping date and time ranges using data validation

The picture above shows an Excel Table with Data Validation applied. An error dialog box appears if a user tries […]

VLOOKUP and return multiple values across columns

This article demonstrates a formula that lets you extract non-empty values across columns based on a condition. The image above […]

Find date range based on a date

This article demonstrates a formula that returns a date range that a date falls under, cell C3 above contains the […]

Find smallest and largest unique number

This article explains how to calculate the largest and smallest number based on a condition which is if the number […]

Create monthly time sheet using a Pivot Table

Today I am going to demonstrate how amazing pivot tables are! Take a look at this time sheet. You can […]

Analyze trends using pivot tables

Table of Contents Introduction to pivot tables Create pivot table Group data Analyze data (pivot table) Compare performance, year to […]

Hide specific columns programmatically

This article describes a macro that hides specific columns automatically based on values in two given cells. I am also […]

Populate cells dynamically in a weekly schedule

In this post I am going to add one more function to the weekly schedule I built in a previous […]

Compare your stock portfolio with S&P500 in Excel

By comparing your stock portfolio performance to index S&P500 you know if the time you spent on analyzing companies paid […]

How to use VLOOKUP with multiple conditions

I will in this article demonstrate how to use the VLOOKUP function with multiple conditions. The function was not built […]

Locate lookup values in an Excel table [HYPERLINK]

Today I'll show you a formula that returns a hyperlink pointing to a location based on a lookup value. When […]

Highlight lookups in relational tables

This article demonstrates a worksheet that highlights lookups across relational tables. I am using Excel defined Tables, if you add […]

Find and replace a text string in file names, folder name and subfolders

The following two macros lets you rename files and folders recursively. Press Alt + F8 to open a list of macros, run […]

Working with three relational tables

I will in this article demonstrate four formulas that do lookups, extract unique distinct and duplicate values and sums numbers […]

Extract unique distinct values from a relational table

In this post, I am going to show you how to extract unique distinct values and duplicates using a formula, […]

Lookups in relational tables

Excel 2010 has a PowerPivot feature and DAX formulas that let you work with multiple tables of data. You can […]

How to use an Excel Table name in Data Validation Lists and Conditional Formatting formulas

This article demonstrates different ways to reference an Excel defined Table in a drop-down list and Conditional Formatting. There are […]

Count overlapping days across multiple date ranges

This post demonstrates a formula in cell D16 that counts overlapping dates across multiple date ranges. The date ranges are […]