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How to ignore error values using the SMALL function
The image above shows you a formula in cell D3 that tries to get the smallest number from cell range […]
SMALL function with multiple cell ranges
Today I learned how to sort numbers from multiple cell ranges thanks to┬áSam Miller. It is surprisingly simple and easy. […]
This article demonstrates how to extract multiple numbers based on a condition and return a sorted list from small to […]
How to ignore zeros using the SMALL function
This article shows how to create a formula that sorts numbers from small to large excluding zeros. I will also […]
SMALL function – multiple conditions
This article demonstrates how to sort numbers from small to large using a condition or criteria, I will show how […]
SMALL function for text
This article demonstrates a formula that sorts text values based on character length, the Excel 365 dynamic array formula is […]
SMALL function ignore duplicates
This article demonstrates ways to sort numbers from smallest to largest ignoring duplicate numbers. Table of Contents SMALL function with […]
Find the smallest number in a list that is larger than a given number
This article demonstrates formulas that lets you extract the smallest number larger than a given number. The example above specifies […]

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