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Distribute values across numerical ranges

This article demonstrates how to distribute values into specific ranges with possible overlapping ranges. I have written articles about filter […]

Sort values by corresponding text arranged in a column

This article describes a formula that sorts values arranged in a column from A to z by every other value. […]

Sort items by adjacent number in every other value

This article demonstrates a formula that sorts items arranged horizontally based on the adjacent numbers, every other column contains a […]

Sort based on frequency row-wise

In this article, I will demonstrate two techniques for counting per row. The first example is simple and straightforward. The […]

Lookup and return multiple sorted values based on corresponding values in another column

This article demonstrates a formula that extracts values based on a condition and sorts the returned values based on values […]

How to sort a data set using three different approaches, built-in tools, array formulas, and VBA

I will in this article demonstrate three different techniques to sort a data set in Excel. The first method sorts […]

Sort values in a cell based on a delimiting character

This article demonstrates a macro and a formula that allows you to sort delimited data in a cell or cell […]

Sort values in an Excel table programmatically [VBA]

This article demonstrates how to sort a specific column in an Excel defined Table based on event code. The event […]

How to sort a data set in a custom order

Your boss wants you to sort the company's products by a new criterion, quality. You receive a list from your […]

Sort based on frequency and criteria

Andre asks:I am trying to list people with the highest scores based on certain criteria. My data: column A B […]

Sort a list in random order in excel

Overview The array formula in cell range C2:C6 creates a random list from the values in cell range A2:A6. Array […]

Sort records based on two columns

Ralee asks in in this blog post: Sort values in parallel (array formula) If there is information in adjacent columns, […]

Extract a unique distinct list sorted from A to Z ignore blanks

The image above demonstrates a formula in cell D3 that extracts unique distinct numbers and text values sorted from A […]

Sort numeric values based on proximity to a given number

The image above demonstrates an array formula in cell C25 that extracts numbers based on how far off they are […]

Sort two columns

The image above shows a table with two columns in cell range B3:C16, it contains random text values in column […]

Filter unique values sorted from A to Z

A unique value is a value that¬†only exists once in a list. A unique distinct list contains all cell values […]

Sort text values by length

Array formula in B2: =INDEX($B$3:$B$20, MATCH(LARGE(LEN($B$3:$B$20), ROWS($A$1:A1)), LEN($B$3:$B$20)*(COUNTIF($F$2:F2, $B$3:$B$20)<COUNTIF($B$3:$B$20, $B$3:$B$20)), 0)) copied down as far as needed. To enter an […]

Reverse a list ignoring blanks

This article demonstrates two different formulas, one for Excel 365 and one for earlier versions. Table of Contents Reverse a […]

Sort a range based on value frequency

The formula in cell B8 extracts a list sorted based on frequency. Array formula in B8: =TEXTJOIN("", TRUE, IF(MIN(IF((MAX(IF(COUNTIF($B$7:B7, $B$2:$E$5)=0, […]

Sort a range from A to Z [Array formula]

Question: How do I sort a range alphabetically using excel array formula? Answer: Cell range¬†$B$2:$E$5 contains text values in random […]

Extract a list of alphabetically sorted duplicates from a column

The following array formula extracts duplicate values sorted from A to Z from cell range B3:B21. Excel array formula in […]

Sort text cells alphabetically from two columns

Table of Contents Sort text from two columns combined (array formula) How to create an array formula How to copy […]

Sort dates within a date range

Array formula in D5: =SMALL(IF(($B$3:$B$12<=$E$3)*($B$3:$B$12>=$E$2), $B$3:$B$12, "A"), ROWS($A$1:A1)) How to create an array formula Copy array formula Select cell D5 […]

Sort column based on frequency

This article demonstrates a formula that sorts cell values by their frequency, in other words, how many times a value […]

Sort a column alphabetically

Table of Contents Sort a column using array formula Two columns sorting by the second column Sort alphanumeric values I […]