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Get the latest revision

Column B contains document names, many of them are duplicates. The adjacent column C has the revision of the documents […]

How to enter array formulas in merged cells

Have you ever tried to enter an array formula in merged cells? Then you are familiar with this error message: […]

Convert array formula to a regular formula

Kamran Mumtaz asked:┬áIs there any way to use VLOOKUP for multiple criteria and I do not want to use CSE?; […]

Sumif across multiple sheets [UDF]

This post describes a basic user defined function that searches multiple ranges and adds corresponding values.         […]

Quickly select a range of values in excel

Copying or moving cells is probably one of the most common activities in excel. Here is how to quickly select […]

Find positive and negative amounts that net to zero

I found this excel question: I am a Controller in a multinational company. We have many transactions (sales, credits, debits, […]

Sum values containing text based on a condition

Question: I want to sum cells that have a "C" and a decimal number. The cells have other numbers and […]

Exact word in string

I read an interesting blog post Is A Particular Word Contained In A Text String? on Spreadsheetpage. That inspired me […]