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Time sheet for work

I have built a sheet to track time at work. It is very simple, there are 13 sheets, one for each […]

Calendar – monthly view

Tesh asks: How easy is it to modify this for recurring tasks (weekdays, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) and maybe […]

Multi-level To-Do list template

Today I will share a To-do list excel template with you. You can add text to the sheet and excel creates […]

Heat map yearly calendar

The calendar shown in the image above highlights events based on frequency. It is made only with a few conditional […]

Highlight events in a calendar

Steven asks: I got 6 events with different dates... Event - DATE START - DATE END 1 2 3 4 […]

Monthly time sheet by project

Today I am going to demonstrate how amazing pivot tables are! Take a look at this time sheet. You can expand […]

Shift Schedule

Geoff asks: Hi Oscar, I have a cross reference table we use for shift scheduling. The x-axis is comprised of […]

Plot date ranges in a calendar part 2

I have created a new version of Visualize date ranges in  a calendar. This excel file let´s you enter names […]

Excel template: Getting Things Done [VBA]

In this blog post I am going to demonstrate a simple workbook where you can create or delete projects and […]

Advanced Gantt Chart Template

This Gantt chart uses a stacked bar chart to display the tasks and their corresponding date ranges. Completed days are […]

Free School Schedule Template

This template makes it easy for you to create a weekly school schedule, simply enter the time ranges and the […]

Basic invoice template

Rattan asks: In my workbook I have three worksheets; "Customer", "Vendor" and "Payment". In the Customer sheet I have a […]

Monthly calendar template #2

I have created another monthly calendar template for you to download. Select a month and year in cells A1 and […]

Monthly calendar template

The image above shows a calendar that is dynamic meaning you choose year and month and the calendar instantly updates […]

Invoice template with dependent drop down lists

This article demonstrates a basic invoice template I created. It lets you use dropdown lists to quickly select products on […]

Weekly schedule template

I would like to share this simple weekly schedule I created. How to use weekly schedule Type any date in cell […]