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Compare two columns in different worksheets

sissey asks: Hi Oscar, There are multiple columns in two different worksheets, one has more columns than another. I need […]

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Compare values between two columns and filter values existing in only one column

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Filter values that exists in all three lists

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Compare two tables: Remove common records

Table of Contents Compare two tables:┬áRemove common rows Compare two tables using a condition Let me demonstrate how to extract […]

How to compare two data sets

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How to highlight differences in price lists

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Compare two lists of data: Filter records occurring in only one list

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Compare two tables: Filter common records

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Automate Excel: Update list with new values

Overview Updating a list using copy/paste is a boring task.┬áThis blog article describes how to update values in a price […]

Compare two columns and show differences

Array Formula in B11: =INDEX($B$3:$B$7, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($D$3:$D$8, $B$3:$B$7)=0, MATCH(ROW($B$3:$B$7), ROW($B$3:$B$7)), ""), ROWS($A$1:A1))) To enter an array formula press and hold CTRL […]

Create a list with most recent data available

Question: i have two sets of data - one has an identifier column and one result column. A2 data1 B2 […]

Filter common values between two ranges

The image above shows an array formula in cell B12 that extracts values shared by cell range B2:D4 (One) and […]

Filter values occurring in range 1 but not in range 2

The formulas above extracts values that exists only in one or the other cell range, if you are looking for […]

Filter common values from three separate columns

Array formula in B15: =INDEX($B$3:$B$12, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($B$14:B14, $B$3:$B$12)+IF(((COUNTIF($D$3:$D$11, $B$3:$B$12)>0)+(COUNTIF($F$3:$F$12, $B$3:$B$12)>0))=2, 0, 1), 0)) Copy cell B15 and paste it to […]

How to extract not common values between two columns

Question: How do i remove common values between two lists? Answer: The solution in this article, removes common values and […]

Extract shared values between two columns

Question: How can I compare two columns to find values that exists in both cell ranges? The picture above shows […]

What values are missing in List 1 that exists i List 2?

Question: How to filter out data from List 1 that is missing in list 2? Answer: This formula is useful […]