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Get date ranges from a schedule

The above picture shows you two formulas that extract names (column B) and date ranges (column C and D) based […]

How to count overlapping time

The worksheet above shows four different time ranges in column B and C, the formula in cell C10 counts the […]

Count overlapping days across multiple date ranges

This post demonstrates a formula in cell D16 that counts overlapping dates across multiple date ranges. The date ranges are […]

Calculate date given weekday and week number

This article demonstrates a formula that returns a date based on a week number and a weekday like Sun to […]

Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges, part 2

In the previous post I explained how to count overlapping dates comparing a single date range against multiple date ranges. […]

Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges

The MEDIAN function lets you count overlapping dates between two date ranges. If you have more than two date ranges […]

Find missing dates in a set of date ranges

The formula in cell B8, shown above, extracts dates not included in the specified date ranges, in other words, dates […]

Working with overlapping date ranges

This article demonstrates formulas that calculate the number of overlapping ranges for all ranges, finds the most overlapped range and […]

How to calculate overlapping time ranges

I found an old post that I think is interesting to write about today. Think of two overlapping ranges, it […]

Identify rows of overlapping records

This article demonstrates a formula that points out row numbers of records that overlap the current record based on a […]

Min and max date of overlapping date ranges

This article explains how to create a formula that returns the earliest (smallest) and the latest (largest) date of overlapping […]

Highlight date ranges overlapping selected record [VBA]

This article demonstrates event code combined with Conditional Formatting that highlights overlapping date ranges based on the selected date range. […]

Find all sequences of consecutive dates

The image above shows a formula in cell D3 that extract dates from column B. Column B contains dates in […]

Units contained in a range that overlap another range

This article demonstrates how to calculate overlapping numerical ranges. What is interesting to know is the fact that Excel handles […]

Prevent overlapping date and time ranges using data validation

The picture above shows an Excel Table with Data Validation applied. An error dialog box appears if a user tries […]

Find date range based on a date

This article demonstrates a formula that returns a date range that a date falls under, cell C3 above contains the […]

Create date ranges that stay within month

This article demonstrates a formula that creates date ranges based on a given number of days and the end date […]

Count a specific weekday in a date range

NETWORKDAYS function returns the number of whole workdays between two dates, however the array formula I am going to demonstrate […]

Schedule project dates based on a finish date

Danielle asks: I have a schedule that I am working with and based on one date (ie. 6/4/12) different processes […]

Extract week ranges based on a given date range

The formula in cell B7 and C7 extracts whole weeks within the given date range in cell B3 and C3. […]

Count weekday within date range except holidays

Steve asks: Right now I'm using the following formula to tell me how many of a specific defined day, ie […]

Count entries based on date and time

Question: My issue is that I get the date in this format: 7/23/2011 7:00:00 AM I am trying to count […]

Filter overlapping date ranges

This blog article describes how to extract coinciding date ranges using array formulas, the image above shows random date ranges […]

Highlight records based on overlapping date ranges and a condition

adam asks: Hi, I have a situation where I want to count if this value is duplicate and if it […]

Count groups in calendar

Question: Sam asks: Is there a formula that can count blocks For eg in your picture (see picture above) if […]

Extract dates from overlapping date ranges

The array formula in cell B3 extracts overlapping dates based on the date ranges in column D and E. Array […]

Convert date ranges into dates

The array formula in cell B3 creates a list of dates based on the date ranges displayed in D3:E7, it […]

Convert dates into date ranges

The array formula in cell D4 extracts the start dates for date ranges in cell range B3:B30, the array formula […]

List dates outside specified date ranges

The Excel defined table contains start and end dates for each date range in cell range A3:B10. Cell B13 is […]

Identify overlapping date ranges

The formula in cell F6 returns TRUE if the date range on the same row overlaps another date range in […]

List all unique events in a month

Question: I have a table with four columns, Date, Name, Level, and outcome. The range is from row 3 to […]

Highlight duplicates with same date, week or month

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula that highlights duplicate¬†items based on date. The first instance is not highlighted, […]

Filter duplicates within same date, week or month

The image above demonstrates a formula in cell E3 that extracts duplicate items if they are on the same date. […]

Extract unique distinct year and months from dates

Question: How to create unique distinct year and months from a long date listing (column A)? You can find the […]

Formula for matching a date within a date range

Table of contents Match a date when a date range is entered in a single cell Match a date when […]

Find latest date based on a condition

Table of contents Lookup a value and find max date How to enter an array formula Explaining array formula Get […]

Most frequent value between two dates

In this article I will show you how to extract the most frequent value (text or number) between two dates […]

Lookup min max values within a date range

This article explains how to find the smallest and largest value using two conditions. In this case they are date […]

Create a list of dates with blanks between quarters

Question: How do I create a list of dates with blanks between each quarter? (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) Answer: […]

Filter duplicate values and sort by corresponding date

Array formula in D2: =INDEX($A$2:$A$21, MATCH(SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($B$2:$B$21, $B$2:$B$21)>1, COUNTIF($A$2:$A$21, "<"&$A$2:$A$21), ""),ROWS($A$1:A1)), COUNTIF($A$2:$A$21, "<"&$A$2:$A$21), 0)) Array formula in E2: =INDEX($B$2:$B$21, MATCH(SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($B$2:$B$21, $B$2:$B$21)>1, […]

Create a date range [Formula]

Question: I am trying to create an excel spreadsheet that has a date range. Example: Cell A1 1/4/2009-1/10/2009 Cell B1 […]

Lookup the nearest date

The image above demonstrates¬†an array formula in cell E4 that searches for the closest date in column A to the […]

Extract unique distinct values based on a date range

Question: I have a large list of dates and other adjacent values. I want to create a distinct list from […]

Calculate machine utilization

Question: I need to calculate how many hours a machine is utilized in a company with a night and day […]

How to calculate a date based on specific weekday in a month

Question: How to calculate the date of the third Monday of a given month? Answer: Column B contains dates of […]