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  • Team generator (3)

  • How to generate a round-robin tournament
    This article demonstrates macros that create different types of round-robin tournaments. Table of contents Basic schedule - each team plays […]
    How to build a Team Generator – different number of people per team
    JD asks in this post:┬áDynamic team generator Hi, what if we have different number of people per team? So in […]
    Assign records unique random text strings
    This article demonstrates a formula that distributes given text strings randomly across records in any given day meaning they may […]
    How to create random numbers, text strings, dates and time values
    The RAND() function In Excel returns a number greater than or equal to 0 (zero) and less than 1. Combining […]
    Sort a list in random order in excel
    Overview The array formula in cell range C2:C6 creates a random list from the values in cell range A2:A6. Array […]
    True round-robin tournament
    Mark G asks in Create a random playlist in excel: Can this example be modified to create a true round-robin […]
    Dynamic team generator
    Mark G asks: 1 - I see you could change the formula to have the experssion COUNTIF($C$1:C1, $E$2:$E$5)<5 changed so […]
    Create a random playlist
    This article describes how to create a random playlist based on a given number of teams using an array formula. […]
    Team Generator
    This blog article describes how to create teams randomly. There are twenty names in column B and four teams in […]
    How to create a list of random unique numbers
    Question: How do I create a random list of unique numbers from say 1 to 10, without using VBA and […]

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