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  • How to sum overlapping time
    The worksheet above shows four different time ranges in column B and C, the formula in cell C10 counts the […]
    Count cells containing text from list
    Table of Contents Count cells containing text from list Count entries based on date and time 1. Count cells containing […]
    Count unique distinct values based on a condition
    This article demonstrates how to construct a formula that counts unique distinct values based on a condition. The image above […]
    Count identical values if they are on the same row
    This article describes a formula that counts values in two columns if they are duplicates on the same row. What's […]
    Count overlapping days across multiple date ranges
    This post demonstrates a formula in cell D16 that counts overlapping dates across multiple date ranges. The date ranges are […]
    Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges, part 2
    In the previous post I explained how to count overlapping dates comparing a single date range against multiple date ranges. […]
    Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges
    The MEDIAN function lets you count overlapping dates between two date ranges. If you have more than two date ranges […]
    How to count repeating values
    This article demonstrates ways to count contiguous values in a column, in other words, values that repeat and are adjacent. […]
    How to count the number of values separated by a delimiter
    This article demonstrates formulas that count values in cell based on a delimiting character. The image above shows a formula […]
    Count Conditionally Formatted cells
    This article explains how to count cells highlighted with Conditional Formatting (CF). The image above shows data in cell range […]
    Count cells based on background color
    This article demonstrates techniques on how to count cells based on the background color. I will also demonstrate user defined […]
    Count unique distinct values in a filtered Excel defined Table
    This article demonstrates a formula that counts unique distinct values filtered from an Excel defined Table. Debra Dalgleish described in […]
    Count groups of repeated values per row
    Joe asks: I have a worksheet that has rows, each containing sequential groupings of values of "1" and "0". These […]
    Count cells between specified values
    This article demonstrates formulas that calculate the number of cells between two values, the first scenario involves two search values […]
    Count unique distinct values that meet multiple criteria
    This post demonstrates how to build formulas that counts unique distinct values based on criteria. The image above demonstrates an […]
    Most frequent value between two dates
    I will in this article show you how to extract the most frequent value (text or number) between two dates […]
    Count unique distinct values
    This article describes how to count unique distinct values. What are unique distinct values?¬†They are all values but duplicates are […]

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