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Merge tables based on a condition

This article demonstrates techniques on how to merge or combine two data sets using a condition. The top left data […]

Group rows based on a condition

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Combine cell ranges ignore blank cells

The image above demonstrates a¬†user defined function that merges up to 255 cell ranges and removes blanks. I will also […]

Merge matching rows

Question: I'm using excel 2003. This is my problem.Sheet 1 COL A contains fruits, col B to H contains there […]

Merge two columns with possible blank cells

Question: This article is terrific. Thanks so much for posting this solution! I do have one question: Let's say my […]

Consolidate sheets [vba]

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Merge Ranges Add-In

Merge Ranges is an add-in for Excel that lets you easily merge multiple ranges into one master sheet. The Master […]

Merge two columns

  The picture above shows how to merge two columns into one list using a formula. If you are looking […]

Merge three columns into one list

The above image demonstrates a formula that adds values in three different columns into one column. Formula in H2: =IFERROR(INDEX($B$3:$B$7, […]