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Highlight duplicates in a filtered Excel Table

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula applied to an Excel Table containing random data. The Excel Table has […]

Highlight duplicate columns

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Highlight duplicate records

This article shows you how to easily identify duplicate rows or records in a list. What's on this webpage Conditional […]

Highlight duplicates with same date, week or month

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula that highlights duplicate¬†items based on date. The first instance is not highlighted, […]

Highlight more than once taken course in any given day

Question: My scenario is tracking employees who complete online training. I capture their name, id, class taken, and date. Any […]

Highlight smallest duplicate number

Question: How do I highlight the smallest duplicate value in a column using conditional formatting? Answer: Conditional formatting formula in […]

Highlight duplicate values in a cell range

The following conditional formula highlights only the second instance or more of a value in a cell range. Conditional formatting […]

Highlight duplicates in two columns

Question: I need to delete duplicates in two different columns together. How do I highlight the second or more duplicates […]

How to highlight duplicate values

The picture above shows duplicate values in column B, only the second or more duplicates are colored and easily identified. […]