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How to count overlapping time

The worksheet above shows four different time ranges in column B and C, the formula in cell C10 counts the […]

Count overlapping days across multiple date ranges

This post demonstrates a formula in cell D16 that counts overlapping dates across multiple date ranges. The date ranges are […]

Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges, part 2

In the previous post I explained how to count overlapping dates between a single date range and multiple date ranges. In […]

Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges

The MEDIAN function lets you count overlapping dates between two date ranges. If you have more than two date ranges […]

Find missing dates in a set of date ranges

The formula in cell B8, shown above, extracts dates not included in the date ranges, in other words, dates that […]

Working with overlapping date ranges

Today's blog post is about date ranges, the techniques demonstrated here can also be applied to time or other numerical […]

Use MEDIAN function to calculate overlapping ranges

I found an old post that I think is interesting to write about today. Think of two overlapping ranges, it may be dates, […]

Identify rows of overlapping records

cwrbelis asks: Hi Oscar, Great website! Keep up the good work. I have a question as to how to expand […]

Calculate min and max date among overlapping date ranges and based on a condition

Liz asks: I want to identify the overlap based on a criteria but now I want to know what is […]

Highlight date ranges overlapping selected record [VBA]

The following example shows you how to highlight overlapping ranges. How it works Select a date in the table. Conditional […]

Days contained in a range that overlap another range

Rene asks: Hi Oscar, I need a fomula that gives me the number of days contained in a range that […]

Highlight events overlapping federal holidays

Bryan asks: i am trying to do a conditional formatting for a calendar row. (essentially, a gant chart) i have […]

Prevent users from entering overlapping date and time ranges

The picture below shows a table with data validation applied. If a user tries to enter an overlapping date range, […]

Filter overlapping date ranges

This blog article describes how to extract coinciding date ranges using array formulas, the image above shows random date ranges […]

Highlight records based on overlapping date ranges and a condition

adam asks: Hi, I have a situation where I want to count if this value is duplicate and if it […]

Identify overlapping date ranges

The formula in cell F6 returns TRUE if the date range on the same row overlaps another date range in […]