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Convert column number to column letter

Use the following formula to convert a column number to a column letter: =LEFT(ADDRESS(1, B3, 4), MATCH(B3, {1; 27; 703})) […]

How to replace part of formula in all cells

This article explains how to substitute part of a formula across all cells in a worksheet. It is easier than […]

How to select cells with data

The picture above shows data in column B, some cells contain nothing, they are blank. I will now go through […]

How to find blank cells

In this article, I am going to show you two ways on how to find blank cells. Both techniques are […]

How to quickly select blank cells

In this smaller example, column D (Category) has empty cells, shown in the picture above. If your column contains thousands of […]

How to add a macro to your Excel Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the very top of your Excel window, I highly recommend that you place your […]

How to quickly select a cell range

Selecting cell ranges in Excel can sometimes be a real pain scrolling forever it seems. There is a quick and easy […]

Remove print preview lines (Page Breaks)

Have you ever wondered how these lines got there on a worksheet? They show where pages will break, in other […]

Select and delete cells and formulas that return nothing

Deleting empty cells in a cell range is easy. Select the cell range Press function key F5 Click "Special..." button […]

How to use absolute and relative references

What is a reference in Excel? Excel has an A1 reference style meaning columns are named letters A to XFD […]

How to quickly select a non contiguous range

A non-contiguous list is a list with occasional blank cells and that makes it harder to select the entire cell […]

How to find errors in a worksheet

Excel has great built-in features. The following one lets you search an entire worksheet for formulas that return an error. […]

Create a numbered list ignoring blank cells

The formula in column B returns a running count based on values in column C. Formula in cell B3: =IF(C3<>"",COUNTA($C$3:C3),"") […]

Rotate text to save space

If your cell text is taking to much space Excel allows you to rotate text in any angle. Here are […]

How to format numbers as text

A number that is formatted as text will be left-aligned instead of right-aligned, this makes it easier for you to […]

Improve worksheet readability

Making your sheets easy to read is a fundamental approach of creating useful worksheets. Your message must be crystal clear, […]