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How to use Pivot Tables – Excel’s most powerful feature and also least known
A pivot table allows you to examine data more efficiently, it can summarize large amounts of data very quickly and is very easy to use.
Pivot Table calendar
This article demonstrates how to build a calendar in Excel. The calendar is created as a Pivot Table which makes […]
How to calculate totals of stock transactions based on dates
Did you know that you can use a pivot table to summarize¬†portfolio holdings at any point in time?¬†If you trade […]
Analyze trends using pivot tables
Table of Contents Introduction to pivot tables Create pivot table Group data Analyze data (pivot table) Compare performance, year to […]
Prepare data for Pivot Table – How to split concatenated values?
This article demonstrates a macro that allows you to rearrange and distribute concatenated values across multiple rows in order to […]
Disable autofit column widths for Pivot table
I read this interesting article Quick Trick: Resizing column widths in pivot tables on the Microsoft Excel blog. It is […]
Normalize data [VBA]
To be able to use a Pivot Table the source data you have must be arranged in way that a […]
Auto populate a worksheet
Rodney Schmidt asks: I am a convenience store owner that is looking to make a spreadsheet formula. I want this […]
Count unique distinct values in an Excel Pivot Table
ExcelBeginner asks: I have a small problem that I am not sure on how to solve. I now have a […]
How to create a dynamic pivot table and refresh automatically
Table of Contents How to create a dynamic pivot table and refresh automatically Auto refresh a pivot table 1. How […]
Extract a unique distinct list based on a condition [Pivot Table]
Anura asks: I have a list of credit card transactions showing the name of the cardholder, their Branch and the […]

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