AVERAGE function

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AVERAGE based on criteria

The array formula in cell D14 calculates an average based on multiple criteria in cell range B14:B15. If value in […]

AVERAGE ignore NA()

#N/A error is sometimes used to show gaps in charts, however, the AVERAGE function can't process errors, shown in C11 […]

How to AVERAGE time

Column C contains both date and time, to calculateĀ the average of only time we need to extract the hours, minutes […]

AVERAGE ignore blanks

The AVERAGE function is designed to ignore blank cells but there are instances where it fails. The picture above seems […]

How to use the AVERAGE function

Calculates the average of numbers in a cell range. In other words, the sum of a group of numbers and […]

Calculate running average of last 10 data with random blank cells

Question: List of data and blank cells in a column which will be added from day to day. There are […]

AVERAGE ignore 0 (zero)

The array formula in cell D3 calculates an average and ignores 0 (zeros). =AVERAGE(IF(B3:B8<>0,B3:B8,"")) The formula above is an array […]