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Get date ranges from a schedule

The above picture shows you two formulas that extract names (column B) and date ranges (column C and D) based […]

Shift Schedule

Geoff asks: Hi Oscar, I have a cross reference table we use for shift scheduling. The x-axis is comprised of […]

Watch schedule that populates vacation time

This schedule uses the year and month in cell D1 and K1 to highlight activities like vacation specified in the […]

Free School Schedule Template

This template makes it easy for you to create a weekly school schedule, simply enter the time ranges and the […]

Weekly appointment calendar

This weekly calendar is easy to customize, you can change calendar settings in sheet "Settings": Start date (preferably a Sunday or […]

Extract dates from a cell block schedule

Sam asks: One more question for the Calendar that you have set up above can we have a excel formula […]

Setting up your work hours in a weekly schedule

The image above demonstrates conditional formatting highlighting hours outside work hours, those cells are filled with grey except weekends. Conditional formatting […]

Populate cells dynamically in a weekly schedule

In this post I am going to add one more function to the weekly schedule I built in a previous […]

Find empty hours in a weekly schedule

The image above demonstartes an array formula in cell B34 that extracts empty hours in a weekly calendar. I have created […]

Highlight specific time ranges in a weekly schedule

In a previous post I created a simple weekly schedule with dynamic dates, in this post I am going to […]

Weekly schedule template

I would like to share this simple weekly schedule I created. How to use weekly schedule Type any date in cell […]

Calendar with scheduling [vba]

Here is my contribution to all excel calendars out there. My calendar is created in Excel 2007 and uses both […]