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How to use the CHOOSE function
The CHOOSE function lets you get a value based on a number, the number determines which value to get. The […]
Two-dimensional lookup using two tables
The following formula performs a two-way lookup in two different tables. Formula in cell D20: =IFERROR(INDEX(C4:G8, MATCH(C19, B4:B8, 0), MATCH(C18, […]
Time sheet for work
I have built a sheet to track time at work. It is very simple, there are 13 sheets, one for […]
How to group items by quarter using formulas
This article demonstrates two formulas, the first formula counts items by quarter and the second formula extracts the corresponding items […]
Highlight a group of chart bars
This article demonstrates how to highlight a group of bars in a chart bar, the techniques shown here works fine […]

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