VLOOKUP function

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How to use the VLOOKUP function

The VLOOKUP function lets you search the leftmost column for a value and return another value on the same row […]

Use VLOOKUP to calculate discount percentages

Have you ever tried to build a formula to calculate discounts depending on price? The VLOOKUP function is much easier to […]

VLOOKUP with multiple criteria

  The VLOOKUP function cell D16 looks for both a value in column B and another value in column C. […]

How to return a value if lookup value is in a range

In this article, I will demonstrate ways to lookup values that is to be found between given ranges and return […]

VLOOKUP of three columns to pull a single record

Question: Does anyone know how to do a VLOOKUP of three columns to pull a single record? Answer: Array formula in […]

Choose between two data sets to VLOOKUP

Question: How do I search a specific data set, I have two tables to choose from? Answer: Formula in cell C13: […]