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  • Distribute values across numerical ranges
    This article demonstrates how to distribute values into specific ranges with possible overlapping ranges. I have written articles about filter […]
    Partial match and return value with highest level
    This article demonstrates a formula that searches a cell (partial match) based on values in a table and returns a […]
    Lookup value based on two critera – second criteria is the adjacent value and its position in a given list
    This article demonstrates a formula that extracts items based on two conditions. The first condition (Location) is used to find […]
    Wildcard lookups and include or exclude criteria
    This article demonstrates three different ways to filter a data set if a value contains a specific string and if […]
    Partial match and return multiple adjacent values
    This article demonstrates array formulas that search for cell values containing a search string and returns corresponding values on the […]
    Search each column for a string each and return multiple records – OR logic
    RU asks: Can you please suggest if i want to find out the rows with fixed value in "First Name" […]
    Return multiple matches with wildcard vlookup
    Mr.Excel had a "challenge of the month" June/July 2008 about Wildcard VLOOKUP: "The data in column A contains a series […]
    Search and display all cells that contain multiple search strings
    Jerome asks, in this blog post Search for multiple text strings in multiple cells in excel : If the list […]
    Perform multiple partial matches and return records – AND logic
    Question: Can expand this equation set into more than two colums of data, say if I had a first, middle […]
    Partial match based on two conditions
    Question: I want to search two columns with two search strings? The strings can be anywhere in these two columns […]
    Partial match with two conditions and return multiple results
    This article demonstrates a formula that extracts a row or record from a data table using two strings as criteria. […]
    Partial match for multiple strings – AND logic
    This article demonstrates formulas that let you perform partial matches based on multiple strings and return those strings if all […]
    How to search for a string in a column
    Question: How do i create a flexible search formula to search a list? Answer: The following formula let´s you search […]

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