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Use VLOOKUP to calculate discounts, commissions, tariffs, charges, shipping costs, packaging expenses or bonuses
Have you ever tried to build a formula to calculate discounts based on price? The VLOOKUP function is much easier […]
Highlight unique values in a filtered Excel table
This article demonstrates a conditional formatting formula that allows you to highlight unique values based on a set of filtered […]
Highlight duplicates in a filtered Excel Table
The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula applied to an Excel Table containing random data. The Excel Table has […]
Populate drop down list with filtered Excel Table values
This article demonstrates how to populate a drop down list with filtered values from an Excel defined Table. The animated […]
Use drop down lists and named ranges to filter chart values
This article demonstrates how to use drop down lists combined with an Excel defined Table and a chart. This allows […]
Change chart axis range programmatically
This article demonstrates a macro that changes y-axis range programmatically, this can be useful if you are working with stock […]
Plot buy and sell points in an Excel Chart based on two moving averages
This article demonstrates how to display buy and sell signals on an Excel chart based on two moving averages, the […]
Apply drop-down lists dynamically
This article demonstrates how to automatically create drop-down lists if adjacent data grows, there are two methods explained here. The […]
Dependent drop-down lists in multiple rows
This article demonstrates how to set up dependent drop-down lists in multiple cells. The drop-down lists are populated based on […]
Basic invoice template
Rattan asks: In my workbook I have three worksheets; "Customer", "Vendor" and "Payment". In the Customer sheet I have a […]
Extract unique distinct values in a filtered list
This article demonstrates two formulas that extract distinct values from a filtered Excel Table, one formula for Excel 365 subscribers […]
Extract unique distinct values based on a filtered Excel defined Table
This blog post demonstrates how to filter unique distinct values from an Excel table dynamically. When you change or add […]
VLOOKUP in a filtered Excel Table and return multiple values
This post describes how to search filtered values in an Excel defined Table using a condition given in cell 12 and return […]
Create a drop down list containing alphabetically sorted values
This article describes how to create a drop-down list populated with sorted values from A to Z. The sorted list […]
True round-robin tournament
Mark G asks in Create a random playlist in excel: Can this example be modified to create a true round-robin […]
Create dependent drop down lists containing unique distinct values
This article explains how to build dependent drop down lists. Here is a list of order numbers and products. We […]
Extract dates from overlapping date ranges
The array formula in cell B3 extracts overlapping dates based on the date ranges in columns D and E. What's […]
Highlight duplicate values in a cell range
The following conditional formula highlights only the second instance or more of a value in a cell range. Conditional formatting […]
Highlight unique values and unique distinct values in a cell range
The following formula highlights cells that contain unique distinct values, in other words, all duplicate values except the first instance […]
Identify missing numbers in a column
The image above shows an array formula in cell D6 that extracts missing numbers i cell range B3:B7, the lower […]
Calculate machine utilization
Question: I need to calculate how many hours a machine is utilized in a company with a night and day […]
How to use the OFFSET function
The OFFSET function returns a reference to a range that is a given number of rows and columns from a […]

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