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How to use the MINIFS function
What is the MINIFS function? The MINIFS function calculates the smallest value based on a given set of criteria. Related […]
SMALL function ignore duplicates
This article demonstrates ways to sort numbers from smallest to largest ignoring duplicate numbers. Table of Contents SMALL function with […]
Compare two columns in different worksheets
This article describes an array formula that compares values from two different columns in two worksheets twice and returns a […]
Find and return the highest number and corresponding date based on a condition
This article describes how to filter records based on the maximum value of a specific item. There are names in […]
Get the smallest number larger than a given number and a condition
This article demonstrates how to extract the largest number smaller than a given number based on a condition and criteria. […]
Lookup the nearest date
Table of Contents Lookup the nearest date Lookup min max values within a date range 1. Lookup the nearest date […]
Find the smallest number in a list that is larger than a given number
This article demonstrates formulas that lets you extract the smallest number larger than a given number. The example above specifies […]

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