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Unique distinct records sorted based on count or frequency

This article demonstrates how to sort a table based on count meaning the formula counts each record and returns a […]

Remove common records between two data sets

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How to sort a data set in a custom order

Your boss wants you to sort the company's products by a new criterion, quality. You receive a list from your […]

Highlight records [AND logic]

The picture above shows you conditional formatting formula that highlights matching records based on criteria in row 3 and 4. […]

Compare tables: Filter records occurring only in one table

In this example we are going to use two lists with identical columns, shown in the image above. It is […]

Compare tables: Highlight records not in both tables

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula that highlights records that only exist in one table. There are two […]

Compare two lists of data: Highlight common records

In this blog post I will demonstrate a conditional formatting formula that will highlight common records in two lists. The […]

Filter shared records from two tables

I will in this blog post demonstrate a formula that extracts common records (shared records) from two data sets in […]

Highlight duplicate columns

This article describes how to highlight duplicate records arranged into a column each, if you are looking for records entered […]