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How to do tiered calculations in one formula
The image above demonstrates a formula that calculates tiered values based on a tier table and returns a total. This […]
How to sum a cell range
I will in this article demonstrate different ways to sum values, the first method is so easy and fast it's […]
Sum unique distinct numbers
The image above shows numbers in column B, some of these numbers are duplicates. The formula in D12 adds unique […]
Excel formula not working
This article explains why your formula is not working properly, there are usually four different things that can go wrong. […]
Sum by group
To extract groups from cell range B3:B10 I use the following regular formula in cell B13. =LOOKUP(2,1/(COUNTIF($B$12:B12,$B$3:$B$10)=0),$B$3:$B$10) Copy cell B13 […]
Sum numbers between two dates
The formula in cell C15 uses two dates two to filter and then sum values in column C, the SUMIFS […]
How to create running totals
This article demonstrates a formula that calculates a running total. A running total is a sum that adds new numbers […]
Find empty cells and sum cells above
This article demonstrates how to find empty cells and populate them automatically with a formula that adds numbers above and […]
Sum numerical ranges between two numbers
This article explains how to build an array formula that sums numerical ranges. Example, I want to know how to […]
Sum cells based on criteria
Katie asks: I have 57 sheets many of which are linked together by formulas, I need to get numbers from […]
Running totals based on criteria
Andrew asks: LOVE this example, my issue/need is, I need to add the results. So instead of States and Names, […]
Sum based on OR – AND logic
Question: It's easy to sum a list by multiple criteria, you just use array formula a la: =SUM((column_plane=TRUE)*(column_countries="USA")*(column_producer="Boeing")*(column_to_sum)) But all […]
Sum values between two dates and based on a condition
In this post, I will provide a formula to sum values in column (Qty) where a column (Date) meets two […]
Sum unique numbers
Table of Contents Sum unique numbers Get Excel *.xlsx file Sum unique distinct numbers Get Excel *.xlsx file Sum number […]
Sum only visible cells
The SUBTOTAL function lets you sum values in a cell range that have some rows hidden or filtered, the picture […]

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