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Extract unique distinct records from two data sets

The picture above shows an array formula in cell B9:C13 that extracts unique distinct records from two tables in cell […]

Unique distinct records sorted based on count or frequency

This article demonstrates how to sort a table based on count meaning the formula counts each record and returns a […]

Filter unique distinct records using criteria

This blog post describes how to filter unique distinct records that meet a given condition in an Excel defined Table. This article […]

Count unique distinct records (rows) in a Pivot Table

Excel 2013 allows you to count unique distinct values in a pivot table, this article explains how to use a […]

Count unique distinct records with a date and column criteria

davidlim asks: re: Count records between two dates and a criterion based on the example, i was looking for 1 […]

Filter unique distinct records with a condition

Sean asks: If Tea and Coffee has Americano,it will only return Americano once and not twice. I am looking for a […]

Extract unique distinct records based on a criterion

In a previous article "Automatically filter unique row records from multiple columns", I presented a solution to filter out unique […]

Filter unique distinct records

Table of contents Filter unique distinct row records Filter unique distinct row records but not blanks Filter unique distinct row […]