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Count complete hours between two times

The formula in cell D5 calculates the number of complete hours between the time entries in cell B5 and C5. […]

How to use the ABS function

Converts negative numbers to positive numbers, in other words, the ABS function removes the sign. Table of Contents ABS Function […]

Split expenses calculator

This article demonstrates two ways to calculate expenses evenly split across multiple people. The first one is a formula solution, […]

Find numbers closest to sum

Excelxor is such a great website for inspiration, I am really impressed by this post Which numbers add up to […]

Find numbers in close proximity to a given number

This article demonstrates how to apply Conditional Formatting formula to a cell range, it finds cells that are in close […]

Count cells between specified values

This article demonstrates formulas that calculate the number of cells between two values, the first scenario involves two search values […]

Highlight closest number

This post demonstrates how to highlight records with the closest value to a criterion, you can also choose to highlight […]

Sort numeric values based on proximity to a given number

The image above demonstrates an array formula in cell C25 that extracts numbers based on how far off they are […]

Count cells between two values

The formula in cell E16 counts the number of cells between value¬†B and H, Value B is in cell B3 […]

Find positive and negative amounts that net to zero

I found this excel question: I am a Controller in a multinational company. We have many transactions (sales, credits, debits, […]

Lookup the nearest date

The image above demonstrates¬†an array formula in cell E4 that searches for the closest date in column A to the […]

Find closest value

Table of Contents Find closest value How to enter an array formula Find closest value - Excel 365 Find closest […]