Here is a useful feature I recently found googling for Excel solver examples.

I have summed some random values from the list A1:A11 in C1. How do I find those summed numbers in C1? I am going to use Excel Solver. Using more than 20 values (Column A) is not recommended unless you have a lot of spare time.

Install Solver add-in

  1. Click Office button
  2. Click Excel Options
  3. Click add-ins
  4. Install Solver
  5. Click OK

Setup formula

  1. Double click B12
  2. Type =SUMPRODUCT(B1:B11,A1:A11) + ENTER

Start Excel 2007 Solver

  1. Click "Data" in the Ribbon
  2. Click "Solver"
  3. Click "Set Target Cell:" button
  4. Click B12
  5. Type in "Value of:" window the summed value 2615,4
  6. Click "By Changing Cells:" button and select B1:B11.
  7. Click "Add" button
  8. Click "Cell Reference:" button and select B1:B11
  9. Select "bin" in drop down menu (triangle)
  10. Click "OK"
  11. Click "Options"
  12. Enable "Assume Linear Model"
  13. I changed "Max Time:" to 1000 seconds
  14. Click OK
  15. Click "Solve"A couple of minutes later.
  16. Click OK!

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