MONTH function

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How to use the MONTH function

Extracts the month as a number from an Excel date. Formula in cell C3: =MONTH(B3) Excel Function Syntax MONTH(serial_number) Arguments […]

List all unique events in a month

Question: I have a table with four columns, Date, Name, Level, and outcome. The range is from row 3 to […]

Highlight duplicates with same date, week or month

The image above demonstrates a conditional formatting formula that highlights duplicate¬†items based on date. The first instance is not highlighted, […]

Count unique distinct values within same week, month or year

The array formula in cell E3 counts unique distinct items for all dates within the same week. Example, week 2 […]

Remove duplicates within same month or year

The array formula in cell B15 extracts dates from B4:B12 if it is not a duplicate item in the same […]