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How to use the MAKEARRAY function
The MAKEARRAY function returns an array with a specific number of rows and columns calculated by applying a LAMBDA function. […]
How to use the LAMBDA function
The LAMBDA function lets you build custom functions using only regular Excel functions, no VBA is needed. These custom functions […]
How to replace part of formula in all cells
Table of Contents How to replace part of formula in all cells Substitute multiple text strings - Excel 365 recursive […]
Multiply numbers in each row by entire cell range
This article demonstrates a recursive LAMBDA function and a User Defined Function (UDF) that multiplies numbers in each row with […]
Working with classic ciphers in Excel
What's on this page Reverse text Insert random characters Convert letters to numbers How to shuffle characters in the alphabet […]
Group rows based on a condition
What's on this page Group rows based on a condition Merge matching rows 1. Group rows based on a condition […]
Rearrange data
Sean asks: Sheet1A B C D 8 Country Europe 9 Lights 100 10 Type A 200 11 12 Country USA […]
Two-way lookup in multiple cross reference tables simultaneously
This article describes two ways to perform lookups in multiple in multiple cross reference tables simultaneously. The first one being […]
Vlookup a cell range and return multiple values
VLOOKUP a multi-column range and return multiple values.
Filter unique distinct records case sensitive
This article demonstrates two ways to extract unique and unique distinct rows from a given cell range. The first one […]
Analyze word frequency in a cell range
This article demonstrates two ways to calculate the number of times each word appears in a given range of cells. […]
Fuzzy lookups
In this post I will describe a basic user defined function with better search functionality than the array formula in […]
This formula returns multiple values even if they are arranged differently or have minor misspellings compared to the lookup value.
Filter strings containing a given substring in a cell range
This post describes ways to extract all matching strings from cells in a given cell range if they contain a […]
Convert date ranges into dates
This article demonstrates how to create a list of dates based on multiple date ranges. Table of contents Convert date […]
Search for a text string in a data set and return multiple records
This article explains different techniques that filter rows/records that contain a given text string in any of the cell values […]

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