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  • Lookup numerical ranges (1)

  • AVERAGE ignore blanks
    Table of Contents AVERAGE ignore blanks Average - ignore blanks and errors Average - ignore blanks in non-contiguous cells Weighted […]
    SUMPRODUCT and nested IF functions
    I have demonstrated in a previous post how to simplify nested IF functions, in this article I will show you how […]
    Distribute values across numerical ranges
    This article demonstrates how to distribute values into specific ranges with possible overlapping ranges. I have written articles about filter […]
    Extract duplicate values with exceptions
    This article demonstrates formulas that extract duplicate values from a column, however, column D contains values that you don't want […]
    Find last value in a column
    This article demonstrates formulas that return the last value in a given cell range or column. The image above shows […]
    Lookup and match last value – reverse lookup
    This article shows a formula that performs a reverse lookup and returns the corresponding value based on the last matching […]
    Split search value using a delimiter and search for each substring
    This article demonstrates formulas and a UDF that searches for values in a table based on concatenated values and returns […]
    How to use the LOOKUP function
    Finds a value in a sorted cell range and returns a value on the same row.
    Find last matching value in an unsorted list
    This article demonstrates a formula that returns the last matching value based on a given condition. The above image shows […]
    Working with date ranges
    Table of Contents Find date range based on a date Sort dates within a date range 1. Find date range […]
    How to use VLOOKUP/XLOOKUP with multiple conditions
    I will in this article demonstrate how to use the VLOOKUP function with multiple conditions. The function was not built […]
    VLOOKUP – Return multiple unique distinct values
    This article shows how to extract unique distinct values based on a condition applied to an adjacent column using formulas. […]
    Filter duplicates within same date, week or month
    The image above demonstrates a formula in cell E3 that extracts duplicate items if they are on the same date. […]
    Extract unique distinct values if the value contains the given string
    This article demonstrates formulas that list unique distinct values if they contain a specified substring. Table of contents Extract unique […]
    How to return a value if lookup value is in a range
    In this article, I will demonstrate four different formulas that allow you to lookup a value that is to be found […]
    Formula for matching a date within a date range
    This article demonstrates how to match a specified date to date ranges. The image above shows a formula in cell […]
    Search and display all cells that contain multiple search strings
    Jerome asks, in this blog post Search for multiple text strings in multiple cells in excel : If the list […]
    Extract a list of duplicates from three columns combined
    This webpage demonstrates formulas that merge three non-adjacent cell ranges. What's on this webpage Extract a list of duplicates from […]
    Extract a list of duplicates from a column
    The array formula in cell C2 extracts duplicate values from column A. Only one duplicate of each value is displayed […]
    Extract a unique distinct list from three columns
    Question: How do I extract a unique distinct list from three ranges or lists? The ranges are not necessarily adjacent […]
    Extract a unique distinct list from two columns
    Question: I have two ranges or lists (List1 and List2) from where I would like to extract a unique distinct […]
    Partial match for multiple strings – AND logic
    This article demonstrates formulas that let you perform partial matches based on multiple strings and return those strings if all […]
    Working with unique values
    What's on this page Extract unique values from two columns - Excel 365 Extract unique values from two columns - […]
    5 easy ways to extract Unique Distinct Values
    First, let me explain the difference between unique values and unique distinct values, it is important you know the difference […]
    Extract a unique distinct list and ignore blanks
    This article demonstrates formulas that extract unique distinct values and ignore blank empty cells. Table of contents Extract a unique […]

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