MOD function

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Rearrange cells in a cell range to vertically distributed values

The formula in cell B8 uses a named range to calculate the row and column needed to extract the correct […]

Sort names by value

Denisa asks: I have a problem and i cant figure it out, even if i'm seraching for 2 days. I […]

Frequency bug?

Can someone explain to me why this happens? This example is working. FREQUENCY function returns {2; 1; 1}. 2 values (0.1 and […]

QUOTIENT function

The quotient function returns the integer portion of a division. Example, 5/2 = 2.5. The integer is 2. Excel Function […]

How to use the MOD function

The Mod function returns the remainder after a number is divided by divisor. The Mod function is short for the Modulo […]