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How to use the LARGE function

The LARGE function calculates the k-th largest value from an array of numbers. Use the LARGE function, for example, to extract […]

Rotating unique groups with no repeat

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Dynamic scoreboard

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Find the most/least consecutive repeated value [VBA]

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Extract the most repeated adjacent values in a column

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Sort by multiple columns

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Assign records unique random text strings

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Find smallest and largest unique number

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Unique distinct records sorted based on count or frequency

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Sort based on frequency and criteria

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Sort a list in random order in excel

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True round-robin tournament

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Dynamic team generator

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Create a random playlist

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Team Generator

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Sort text values by length

Array formula in B2: =INDEX($B$3:$B$20, MATCH(LARGE(LEN($B$3:$B$20), ROWS($A$1:A1)), LEN($B$3:$B$20)*(COUNTIF($F$2:F2, $B$3:$B$20)<COUNTIF($B$3:$B$20, $B$3:$B$20)), 0)) copied down as far as needed. To enter an […]

Reverse a list ignoring blanks

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How to create a list of random unique numbers

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Sort column based on frequency

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Extract unique distinct values from a multi-column cell range

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How to identify two consecutive dates in a list

Question: How to identify two consecutive dates in a list? Answer: Array formula in cell B1: =IFERROR(LARGE(IF((A1+1)=$A$1:$A$30,A1+1,""),1),"") How to enter […]

Find latest date in a list

The image above shows a formula in cell D3 that extracts the latest date in cell range B3:B15. =MAX(B3:B15) The MAX […]