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How to filter using OR logic between columns [Formula]

The filter feature in Excel won't allow you to do OR logic between columns, however, you can if you allow […]

Become more productive – Learn Excel Defined Tables

An Excel table allows you to easily sort, filter and sum values in a data set where values are related.

Copy filtered Excel tables [VBA]

Today I want to share some pretty useful macros. My first macro copies an excel defined table with vba. It is […]

Scroll through a data set [VBA]

Sometimes you just want to show a small section of your data set, like in a dashboard or a chart. […]

Highlight duplicates in a filtered Excel defined table

You can highlight duplicates in an excel defined table using conditional formatting. However, that won´t work if you only want […]

Sort a table with an array formula

The sorted table to the right is created with an array formula using the data in the table to the left. Array […]

Find max unique value from a range that have duplicate numbers and blanks

Marc asks: How to find Min and Max numeric values in a range of cells that have duplicate numbers and […]

Monthly time sheet by project

Today I am going to demonstrate how amazing pivot tables are! Take a look at this time sheet. You can expand […]

Hide specific columns [VBA]

Cyril asks how to hide all columns of a range except columns whose header is found in specific cells. I am […]

How to use a Table name in Data Validation Lists and Conditional Formatting formulas

David Hager gave this valuable comment about how to reference a table name in conditional formatting formulas: =INDIRECT("Table1[Start]") Watch this video to […]

Copy excel table filter criteria [VBA]

Here is how to copy filter criteria from an excel table and use the same table filters on another table. […]

Quickly search a data set with many criteria

Mohsin Ali Raziq asks: I have problem, and o dont know how to solve it, i have data of almost […]

Count unique distinct values in a filtered Excel defined Table

A few days ago Debra Dalgleish described how to create a Line Between Dates in Filtered List. She modified a […]

Extract unique distinct values from a filtered Excel defined Table [UDF and Formula]

Robert Jr asks: Oscar, I am using the VBA code & FilterUniqueSort array to generate unique lists that drive Selection […]

Filter an Excel defined Table programmatically [VBA]

In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to filter an Excel define Table through a VBA macro. How it […]

Filter unique distinct records using criteria

This blog post describes how to filter unique distinct records that meet a given condition in an Excel defined Table. This article […]

Extract unique distinct values based on a filtered Excel defined Table

This blog post demonstrates how to filter unique distinct values from an Excel table dynamically. When you change or add […]

Remove common records between two data sets

This article demonstrates how to filter records occurring in only one out of two Excel defined tables. It also shows […]

How to compare two data sets

This article demonstrates how to quickly compare two data sets in Excel using a formula and Excel defined Tables. The […]

Filter duplicate records

This article demonstrates how to filter duplicate records using a simple formula and an Excel defined table.