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List all hyperlinks in worksheet

The macro in this blog post lists all hyperlinks in a worksheet. It also lists all words beginning with "http" […]

Quickly select a data set or an excel defined table [HYPERLINK]

If you often copy data sets or tables, the following technique might be interesting! The animated gif shows two hyperlinks, […]

Quickly jump to last row in a data set using excel hyperlink function

Today I´ll show you how to create a useful hyperlink in excel. If you click the link it will take […]

Locate lookup values in a table [HYPERLINK]

Today I´ll show you how to search a table column and jump to that table cell using the hyperlink function. When […]

Quickly create links to sheets, tables, pivot tables and named ranges in a workbook

A week ago I posted Create links to all sheets in a workbook and today I want to show you how […]

Create links to all sheets in a workbook

The macro demonstrated above creates hyperlinks to all worksheets in the current worksheet.  You will then be able to quickly […]

Insert hyperlinks to all files in current folder

The macro creates a new sheet. Inserts all filenames in current folder as hyperlinks except the current workbook. VBA Code […]

Use hyperlinks in a pivot table

Sean asks: Basically, when I do a refresh of the data in the "pivotdata" worksheet, I need it to recognise […]

How to navigate quickly in a complex workbook using hyperlinks

Question: I have a workbook containing a lot of worksheets and data. I need a way to find certain data/sheets […]